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Responding To Older Adults With Substance Use, Mental Health And Gambling Challenges

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Understanding how substance use, mental health and gambling problems affect older adults can help people who work with them to respond more sensitively and effectively when difficult situations arise. This easy-to-read booklet is designed to help workers and volunteers understand and recognize signs of problems. The booklet describes each of the following problem areas, as they relate to older adults: * alcohol problems * anxiety * dementia * depression * gambling problems * medication issues. Tips on communicating with older adults with each of these problems are included, as are guidelines on when to seek help. The booklet also includes: * facts about the aging process * a discussion of cultural issues * lists of organizations offering information about services for older adults with substance use, mental health and gambling challenges * further resources on the web, and in print. Administrators and managers of services and facilities for older adults are encouraged to order this booklet for their staff.

Solution-focused Substance Abuse Treatment

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Solution-Focused Substance Abuse Treatment describes the standard of care for substance abuse treatment, demonstrates how solution-focused brief therapy exceeds this standard, and shows how it can effectively be used in substance abuse evaluation, case management, and both individual and group treatment. Beginning and advanced concepts are provided to address the questions of even the most advanced clinician, all placed in the context of cultural awareness.

Most importantly, the author answers the many questions professionals may have about how solution-focused brief therapy can be successfully integrated into the field of substance abuse. It provides a thorough understanding of the issues that therapists face when working with this at times challenging population, and demonstrates how the use of solution-focused brief therapy can minimize power struggles and enhance client success. Sample forms and handouts are included, as are additional resources for effective evaluation and treatment.

Substance And Individuation In Leibniz

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This book offers a sustained re-evaluation of the most central and perplexing themes of Leibniz's metaphysics. In contrast to traditional assessments that view the metaphysics in terms of its place among post-Cartesian theories of the world, Jan Cover and John O'Leary-Hawthorne examine the question of how the scholastic themes which were Leibniz's inheritance figure - and are refigured - in his mature account of substance and individuation. From this emerges a sometimes surprising assessment of Leibniz's views on modality, the Identity of Indiscernibles, form as an internal law, and the complete-concept doctrine. As a rigorous philosophical treatment of a still-influential mediary between scholastic and modern metaphysics, this study will be of interest to historians of philosophy and contemporary metaphysicians alike.


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Urine Test Hair Follicle Nicotine Drug Information
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Urine Test Hair Follicle Nicotine Drug Information
Substance Drug Test Blood Test Marijuana

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